Allow me a few words about myself
No ,since I was very young ,this has never been my style, .It must have been genetic!!
My amazing Mom grew up in Paris, in a home full of atmosphere of fashion and style .
My father,quite different, but not less amazing, is an authentic Sabar (born in Israel),who gave me my business sense.
Growing up
It seemed to me I must have a different space perception .Wherever I went,
I felt a great desire to change the environment and create a better one .It started with the homes of my friends and my family, redesigning them all with a completely different aspect .

Becoming a man

Began after a full military service. At that time I felt my goal was to be a caterer. I managed to achieve my goal and become one.
11 years ago I took upon myself the complete management of 2C restaurant which is located in The Azrieli Towrs on the 49th floor. I ran it the way I believed a top restaurant should operate, starting with redesigning the place itself, putting emphasize on the background music, paying attention to every detail from flowers arrangements, personnel training,to the mere decision of which toothpicks will be served at the end of the each delicious meal.

This was my way of fulfilling my vision for achieving prestige and excellence in the catering business.
You are all invited to experience the luxurious place yourselves.

In time ,we overtook the management of the complete floor, thus combining the stunning outlook
of the 49th floor with a no less impressive “Gag Haolam” (Roof of the World).A unique place for
private events hosting up to 400 people. This place was my complete designing creation.
My motto was :”creating a place where people will find their dreams come true”.
At this phase ,my appetite for designing was unstoppable. I realized the events’ designing business is the main activity which keeps my creative flame burning.

At this time we opened “Taam Ninoach” (Relaxing Flavors)catering company .Under the services of which I had the opportunity to design events in many various and unorthodox locations.

What else?

Till this day , I have been designing events all over the country of Israel : from the very north to
Eilath at the very south. Each and every location is a new challenging experience for me.
In my present activity, I am the house events designer for OCEAN in the Exhibition Park in Tel-Aviv, as well as “Gag Haolam” (Roof of the World) In Azrieli Towers in Tel-Aviv.
There is no limit to where I would go to make your fantasy come true ,and even suggest some fantasies of my own. Each event tells a different story of your dreams wishes and fantasies. It should be your perfect event.
You are well invited to witness it on your own!!
We shall meet again
I will be delighted to make your acquaintance and learn to understand how I can make the events of your dreams, the event you will love.
It is most important to love what you plan.

Nimi Shlomo Bados